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    15 February 2017

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    23 August 2017

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Leveraging Android and SMS, the mobile phone application allows farmers to track their revenues and expenses, and as well as apply for loans. The data is then fed into a credit-scoring algorithm, alongside key satellite, agronomic, economic data, to help improve yields.

Farmdrive is a simple digital bookkeeping platform that enables farmers to keep track of their farming activities. The farmer data combined with existing agricultural data is used to understand each farmer's specific needs and provide analytics that gives them insight into their farming activities. This data is also used to develop an alternative credit score to determine creditworthiness which is used by financial institutions to inform lending decisions and design credit products suitable for smallholder farmers. Financial institutions are therefore able to lend to more smallholder farmers based on the health of their business as opposed to credit history which most lack. Farmers who qualify for credit can request for a loan from a financial institution of their choice using the platform. Financial institutions will have access to data on the farmers requesting for credit hence they can make an informed lending decision and disburse the loans using our platform.

App details

Business and services

Agricultural value chain

  • Pre-production
    • Planning & decision making
    • Inputs access
  • Post-harvest
    • Traceability & tracking

Support services

  • Data & climate
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Finance
    • Credit Services
  • Collaboration & networking
    • Information Sharing


  • Single


  • Device categories

    • Feature phone (Mobile)
    • Smartphone (Mobile)
  • Operating systems
    • Android
  • Content formats

    • Text
  • Output channels

    • Web
    • Smart phone (Mobile)
  • Distribution channels

    • Google Play
    • Application Web site


  • Audiences

    • Farmers
    • Financial Institutions
    • Policy Makers
    • Researchers
  • Countries

    • Africa
      • Eastern Africa
        • Kenya
      • Western Africa
        • Nigeria
  • Languages

    • English

Business model

  • Start-up capital

    • Self
  • Funding

    • Self
    • Transactional
  • Revenue model

    • Users


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